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Find a meditation leader that resonates most with you. We have assembled a team of experienced spiritual teachers and coaches that offer a variety of styles that will appeal to almost everyone.

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Customize your meditation environment and create an ambience that suits you best. We have a large library of videos and background sounds to appeal to your senses.

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Whether you are looking to reduce your anxiety, get better sleep or just cultivate more happiness in your life, we have the right meditations for you. Explore from dozens of topics in our library.

Success Stories

Virgínia Rodrigues

Tech Entrepreneur, Brazil

This app helps me slow down so I can be more present in the moment and and not feel stressed. My creativity and focus have never been better.

Andrew Johnson

Veterinarian, New York

bNirvana is a welcome friend at the end of a long day of medical crisis when I need to relax and find peace. I have more calm under pressure as a result.

Uma Verma

Aeronautical Engineer, Boeing

bNirvana helps me shift from my left brain to my right brain allowing me to tap into my joyous nature. Falling asleep is now easier than ever.

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The Team

Tiffany Bass Bukow

Tiffany Bass Bukow

Tiffany is a serial technology entrepreneur that has created several socially conscious companies, such as Ms.Money, that has helped millions of people and Thrive Media. She is also an intuitive coach and meditation teacher that writes many of the bNirvana mediations.

Anshul Koka

Anshul Koka

Anshul is a visionary, designer, engineer and co-founder of an 84 million dollar software startup. He is also an energy healer, yoga teacher, meditation leader and has a Master Certification in Intuition Medicine®.